Independence Pioneer Village



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Reply bbzBoult
8:20 PM on October 9, 2019 
У на? в? найде?е Ремон? о?и??н?? ?оо??жений, а ?акже блок биологи?е?кой заг??зки к?пи??, м? можем п?оизве??и ?одбо? обо??довани? дл? об????ой??ва ?кважин?. ???ение ?кважин на вод?, ?ои?к полезн?? и?копаем??, ?он?аж водо?набжени?.

? Се?ви?е имее??? к п?одаже ????????Ц????Ы? ?Р??????, Резе?в?а?? и емко??и п??мо?гол?н?е, ??опелле?н?е ме?алки, Си??ема ме?ани?е?кого обезвоживани? о?адка (ме?о?ного ?ипа), ?инейн?е колод??, ?и??ова? заг??зка, ?анализа?ионн?е на?о?н?е ??ан?ии (??С), ??Ъ???Ы? УСТР??СТ?? ? ??Т???????СТРУ?Ц?? ???ки (?о?овой ?в?зи в ?ом ?и?ле), ?????Ч?СТ??? ???РУ??????? Фло?а?ионн?е ?и??ем? (Фло?а?о??), ???Ъ???Ы? УСТР??СТ?? ? ??Т???????СТРУ?Ц?? Шнеки дл? зе?на и пи?евой п?ом??ленно??и, ?Ч?СТ?? ??????ЫХ СТ?Ч?ЫХ ??? ?а?лобензо?дели?ели, ??С?С??? ? ????Р?СС?Р??? ???РУ??????? (???н?о?, ?С?, ?ило, ??Т, ?зл??, Т??) ???а?о?? ???б?а??е, ?????????Т???У У??ановки ?ил???а?ии и п?едподго?овки, а ?акже в?е дл? ав?омойки ?в?омойки на базе пе??анно-г?авийной ?ил???а?ии.

У на? п?оек?и??е?, п?оизводи? ?одо?набжение ?а??ного дома.

?лок?л?н? дл? обезвоживани? о?адка ?акже блок биологи?е?кой заг??зки ббз 45 блок биологи?е?кой заг??зки ббз 45
Reply Boult
5:55 AM on September 30, 2019 
??ли ? ав?о ??екло ??е?кае??? и по??еб?е??? замена, ?о вам в ?Т? не?кол?ко видов ав?омобил?ного ??екла: по?леп?одажное и новое. ?? ва? зави?и? какое в? в?би?и?е.

?в?о ???кла, как и л?б?е д??гие запа?н?е ?а??и ав?омобил?, дел???? на подлинн?е и о? п?оизводи?елей ??е??и? ?и?м. Уникал?н?е ?в?о??екла изго?овл????? либо на ав?обобил?ном заводе, занима??ем?? в?п??ком ав?ома?ин, либо ? под??д?иков ав?окон?е?на, в?п??ка??и? запа?н?е ?а??и по ли?ензии завода, ?е ??о нап??м?? ???анавлива???? в п?оизводим?е ав?ома?ин.
?в?о магазин компани? Ф??о ?еализ?е? ?в?омобил?н?? ???кл по в?ем го?одам Ро??ии.
У??ановкой ?в?о??екл ?анимае??? на?а компани?.

?оли?овка ав?о ???кл.
??ен? ?а??о в???е?а??им?? де?ек?ом п?ог?е??ивного ?? не?омненно ?вл?е??? ??е?? ав?омобил?н?м ???клом п?оз?а?но??и из-за по????о??ей, ?а?апин, как п?авило, о? ??еклоо?и??и?елей. ? пол?з? ?об??венной безопа?но??и клиен?ов изго?ови?ели п?оизвод?? лобов?е ???кла о? ав?омобил? из довол?но м?гки? видов ??екла, ??о и делае? ??о? по?ок поп?л??н?м.
Ча???е пов?еждени? ав?омобил?н?? ???кл б?ва??: незна?и?ел?н?е, гл?бокие, ??едние пов?еждени?.
FYG ???анавливае? ав?омобил?н?е ???кла как на о?е?е??венн?е, ?ак и на за??бежн?е ав?ома?ин? а ?акже на бол??ие ав?ома?ин?.
VSV Glass Industry Group изго?авливае? ав?омобил?н?е ???кла под заказ.

??и?иал?н?й ?е?ви?н?й ?ен?? ав?о??екла Сама?а ??екло замена в ав?о
Reply Patty
9:55 AM on November 26, 2018 
Our family visited your village for the Christmas tour on Saturday. Just want to let you know how much we all enjoyed the afternoon! It is hard to find an event that captures the attention of the whole family, but our three-generation group ( which included 4 boys ages 4 through 13!) found the experience quite pleasing. Thank you very much!
Reply Jennifer
5:48 PM on August 21, 2018 
Wow! The village has seen a few changes this 2018 season. Much work has been done on site and you have a friendly staff on board. Your schedule appears to be filling up with events this fall with the Unplugged programs, Bluegrass music, Old Settlers Day, Primitive antiques show, an Independent Mud Run and even an Old Fashioned Christmas Tour this year. Congratulations IPV!
Reply Lorie
12:37 PM on October 31, 2017 
Had a weekend getaway with my love and kind of stumbled across your village. It was such a fantastic private tour with Mr. Lee. Had an amazing time listening to the History of each cabin. May God Bless your great efforts to preserve such precious times!
Reply Traci
6:50 AM on October 13, 2015 
Wow! What a busy fall in the village. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us celebrate these events. We look forward to working with you again next season!
Reply Cynthia
4:13 PM on May 5, 2014 
Glad the village is open again. See you on the 17th!
Reply Jason Teague
3:42 AM on December 30, 2013 
by the way, would you be able to email me the plot of land location where the cabin was removed from? I understand what's written on your website about it, it'd would just be cool to go to it's location in Tennessee. I'll have to stop by your place next time I'm in Illinois.
Reply Jason Teague
3:36 AM on December 30, 2013 
John Bartholomew from North Carolina, the Revolutionary War Private, was my 5th Great Grandpa. I found that you have the Bartholomew Homestead cabin. Sad it's still not in its original spot but glad you were able to preserve the actual building. i even went to UofI from 96-2000, wish I'd known you were where you are. Thank you for preserving a piece of my unbeknownst until now family history. I am forever grateful.
Reply lauren
9:58 AM on July 5, 2013 
That would be Bob lee the owner.